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New in Free Fiction: Something Old

"Green Glass" was the first story I ever wrote that I wasn't too embarrassed to share. I read it aloud to friends in college, and later expanded it into a series of vignettes. I learned a lot writing it, especially about revision.

It's tough to be eight when your mother has an anxiety disorder and needs everything just so. Meet Lizzy, the first voice who spoke to me with, well, voice.

Reckless Space Pirates

Free-to-Win starting August 27th, 2020!

An unforgettable journey about a pirate spaceship!




Reckless Space Pirates is a text-based adventure game where you control the main character by making choices as you read. Buy it now at the App Store, Google Play, STEAM, or Amazon. Rated 12+.

Have Lyrics. Seeking Composer.

Yes, I have written a musical. It's an adaptation of David Copperfield (a Dickens novel), but it's really about the INCOME GAP and also deals with #MeToo themes.

To me, it seems


Hamilton meets Les Miz

So I'm looking for a modern sound, as well as "Broadway" music.


Take a look at a few songs and then contact me if so.

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