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New in Free Fiction: One myth, one way.

When I saw the ballet La Sylphide years ago, I was struck by the opacity of the characters' motivations. The story could be interpreted in so many ways! So I wrote the story three ways, one fantasy and two realistic, each plot matching scene by scene, but each with a different character to blame for the tragic ending. I now see that the second and third versions need extensive editing. So here is just the first, most traditional retelling.

Reckless Space Pirates

Free-to-Win starting August 27th, 2020!

An unforgettable journey about a pirate spaceship!




Reckless Space Pirates is a text-based adventure game where you control the main character by making choices as you read. Buy it now at the App Store, Google Play, STEAM, or Amazon. Rated 12+.

Have Lyrics. Seeking Composer.

Yes, I have written a musical. It's an adaptation of David Copperfield (a Dickens novel), but it's really about the INCOME GAP and also deals with #MeToo themes.

To me, it seems


Hamilton meets Les Miz

So I'm looking for a modern sound, as well as "Broadway" music.


Take a look at a few songs and then contact me if so.

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